Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Ghost of Pointless Fun

Well, Pointless Fun was killed last time, but that doesn't mean it can't attack from beyond the grave.

Mostly, though, this one's for something my brother's trying out: Him against the blogosphere in Go. I think he has the advantage, as it's my first game an no one else has shown up, yet.

Anyway, onto other games that don't require masses of fellow bloggers to play, thanks largely again to Nodwick:

Revenge of the Stick: Another tower defense game. The evil oppressed stick figures are marching out into the real world, this time.

Galactic Gravity Golf: Tiger Woods meets the remains of massive collapsed stars.

Orb: Your mouse cursor's got the gravity this time, except you don't want to suck up any objects.

The song that kept Pointless Fun from just passing on:

Picard rocks, the captain's place is on the bridge, but NEVER leave him there by himself.


Bob said...

"I think he has the advantage, as it's my first game an no one else has shown up, yet."

Actually, I've only got one undisputed corner, while the rest of you have two. But we'll see how that plays out.

I answered your last move at (16,D) with (17,I).

Who's next?

JackalMage said...

Man, that stick defender is a pretty darned good one. I actually like how, near the end, you have essentially unlimited money if you've been upgrading your interest rate like you're supposed to. I ended the game with over 300k gold, and I was trying to spend it pretty much as fast as I could through the latter half (on Medium).

Easy is just too damned easy. You can get through most of the game with nothing more than the initial half-dozen pens you buy.

The strategy seems to be that the unlockables are simply better than the initial dudes. The stapler is indisputably better than the pen, which is the best starter imo. The stapler has an excellent, cheap upgrade path. The calculator is pretty good, though perhaps not necessary if you have a good stapler path. It might be good to slap a few right in the middle of the screen in any case just to throw down some extra damage against the flying bosses. At full upgrade they'll pretty much cover the entire screen anyway, so you just need a couple.

Overall this Tower Seige variant seems to have more powerful towers, which is actually a very nice change. It means that I can actually take Hard mode with a reasonable chance of success. ^_^

As well, that final boss is a freaking beast. If you can pay attention to him, try to heal whatever towers he is focusing on as he damages them. Otherwise, he'll just rip through your defensive line like it wasn't even there. Especially focus your upgrades along the central path, as it's what he goes through, and it will help you against fliers as well.

I recommend grabbing the stapler upgrade immediately, followed by interest upgrades until you fill up (at 35%). Then, if you want, grab the ruler and put a couple of them in your defense (not too many, though). Otherwise, blow them on extra lives, just in case. If you're nearing the end and looking good, go ahead and spend them on gold to get a bit of a boost.

Tom Foss said...

That video of Picard is awesome. Almost as funny as his "I love little girls" song in "American Dad."