Wednesday, July 26, 2006

At Least Someone in the Game Industry is Listening

Sterling McGarvey at GameSpy peers into my hopes and dreams for the PSP. When the PSP and DS were new, that little USB port and PC-friendly (at least to my PCs) memory stick caused me to coin a phrase: "The DS is a toy. PSP is a way of life."

I thought for sure that there'd be homebrew out the wazoo (until I foolishly went along with the firmware upgrades, cutting me off from that world, at least until they get a 7.1 downgrader), countless USB attachments, and easily downloadable content of all kinds. (Sony, try slimming down the clutter on your PSP page.)

Some stuff I'd like to see in the PSP's future:

A cellphone attachment. N-Gage had their whole approach backwards. The PSP already has a powerful (at least on the scales I'm used to) processor and a decent display. If it can be done on a cell phone, you should be able to do it better on PSP.

PDA functionality. Can't be too hard to write the software. Would go well with a USB keyboard attachment.

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