Monday, July 10, 2006

Would You Like to Take a Survey?

I feel a compulsion to openly ask for some feedback. Sitemeter doesn't tell me everything. Answer the questions however you feel. Try to pretend the cameras aren't there.

1. When you read my entries, do you commonly laugh, cry, nod in approval, shout obscenities, other?
2. If you laugh, how loud? Light chuckles? Actual LOL level? Loud enough to disrupt the cube farm? Have you ever ruptured an organ while doing so?
3. Got any ideas you'd like to share with me? (I can always use suggestions. I don't get much email.)
4. How often do I offend you? How can I increase the frequency of this while maintaining your readership?
5. Do you miss Ryan?
6. Do you know who Ryan is?
7. Got any ideas for non-Doggerel posts?
8. Do you think this looks infected?
9. Know any woos in need of an arch enemy?
10. Anyone thought of a new name for the blog?
11. Do you miss the pointless Homestar Runner links from the days of yore?
12. Will the Lone Ranger be dashed to pieces by the jagged rocks below?


Anonymous said...

First post!
1) I usually laugh. If the post has a serious tone, I will just sit silently.
2) Kinda loud--loud enough that I worry someone will figure out that I'm not doing work. ;-)
4) Rarely. I've a thick skin.
5) I think so.
6) Sort of.
12) Tune in next week.

Clint Bourgeois said...

1. Laugh and Nod in approval.
2. Just a "hrumph."
3. You should change the blog name to the "Bronze Dog House"
4. Are you trying to offend me? Well keep trying, but don't poke me in the eye.
5. Is he coming back?
6. I've read a few of his posts from the past.
7. Got any ideas for non-Doggerel posts?
8. Most certainly.
10."Bronze Dog House"
11. Nope.
12. Not to pieces. It'll probably be a squishy mess.

Anonymous said...

1. Nod in approval
3. More general posts
4. I never been offended ... yet
6. sort of, I guess
7. sort of, I guess
8. Oh Jesus, yes. You
9. That Deepack need to brought down a notch or two.
10. The name is fine
11. What the hell are those?
12. Did the lone ranger sign the new contract?

Ranson said...

1. Laugh, nod.
2. Snciker, with the occasional rupture.
3. Nah, you're doing pretty good.
4. Never
5. Yeah
6. Yeah
7. It is a blog, man. Doesn't have to be completely focused. D&D, maybe?
8. Nothing a little homeopathy wouldn't clear up
9. Aren't they all?
10. My suggestion has apparently already been rejected.
11. Never been a fan, so no.
12. Damn Straight.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

1. Laugh
2. Some cube farm disruption, some muttley like raspy snickers
3. None yet
4. I rarely get "offended", I do get annoyed and angered at idiocy. So far neither here.
5. no clue
6. See #5
7. anything with idiots
8. yes, as your attorney I suguest a heavy dose of Whiskey
9. Well, you helped out with one at my blog before. I've had a few since, I'll let you know.
10. Dog Pile
11. *
12. Tanto is there to save the day, yet will always have second billing and infected blankets

Anonymous said...

1. Stifle laughter because laughter is not work-safe.
2. I ruptured a co-worker's kidney, but successfully blamed it on our defective microwave. Since you're kind of responsible... This guy could use a kidney, do you need both of yours? He's a good guy.
3. If not a kidney, maybe your liver. I hear they can do extraordinary things with liver these days.
4. Your very existence offends me, but you knew that, right?
5. I would enjoy meeting Miss Ryan. Does she go?
6. Ryan is as Ryan does.
7. Catterel? Parrotterel? Rhymes with Vietnamese Pot Bellied Higgerel?
8. Hey, that's my blood!
9. Be a generalist. Take on all woo-comers. Fear the Doggerel.
10. Every time I go to Respectful Insolence, I misread it as Respectful Indolence. I kind of like that.
11. Yes. No. What is your point?
12. Check out YouTube for a leaked copy of next week's episode!

Dikkii said...

1. Laugh sometimes, shake my head in disgust at others. In agreement, though.
2. Have nearly achieved ROTFLMAO level. Is my arse an organ?
3. Only one at the moment - would Syd Barrett's death have been nearly as interesting if he hadn't had mental problems and stayed in Pink Floyd?
4. Increase it all you like - you haven't offended me yet.
5. Yes.
6. Kinda.
7. No.
8. This isn't about you, it's about me.
9. Tom Cruise.
10. I don't suppose Tha Dogg Pound or Doggystyle have been taken yet?
11. Negatori.
12. The Lone Ranger? I thought I was watching The Cisco Kid.

Anonymous said...

1. Quietly chuckle or nod
2. Quietly chuckle (what, are you hard of hearing?)
3. When you link articles to comment, always excerpt part of the linked article
4. Rarely; call agnostics irrational and wishy-washy (hey, it works for PZ Myers)
5. Mildly
6. Sure
7. Kitty porn seems popular...
8. Depends; you should drain it and see what color the pus is
9. None worth mentioning
10. The Bronze Hydrant
11. Nope
12. The Lone Ranger and Tanto were pinned down behind some rocks, with the entire Sioux nation firing at them from the top of the ridge. The Lone Ranger was down to his last two bullets. He turned to Tanto and said "Well, it looks like we may not get out of this one, good friend." To which Tanto replied "Who's 'we', paleface?"