Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Finally Caught a Bit of Negative Attention

Seems someone's claiming to have found fault with my Doggerel entry on "Faith." Looks to me like it could be a case of simply over-interpreting mixed with denial of the existence of religious forum trolls. Feel free to drop a comment over at his place to defend my honor or whatever.

Update: I've updated the "Faith" entry to cover some of the apparent confusion Dave had. He's been mostly civil (and some of the small bits of incivility I might perceive have a fair chance of involving misinterpretations on either/both sides), so he doesn't qualify as malicious, unlike some people we probably hate in equal measure. So, bottom line: Probably motive misreading.


LBBP said...

Well, I agree with your update. This guy doesn't strike me as one of the really obnoxious ones. Still, as I commented, I took issue with his use of crying "straw man", man that's starting to bug me.

Dikkii said...

A case where the Straw Man was, wait for it, a Straw Man!

Hey? Is anyone reading? I cracked a joke, why isn't anyone laughing?