Thursday, July 13, 2006


Well, Gigantor is back on Adult Swim. For those not in the know (and I'm still learning), Gigantor is the first giant robot anime, featuring Tetsujin (Iron Man)-28, a colossus of destruction with next to no ranged combat ability. It's kind of interesting to watch this primordial anime, especially since all these events supposedly occurred six years ago.

I may be a teetotaler, but I think I have a good idea for a Gigantor drinking game. Try some playtesting, but take countermeasures against alcohol poisoning. This might be a bit much.

1. Whenever someone says "secret base" or "time bomb," take a drink.

2. Whenever someone says, "I know, we'll use Gigantor!" as if that's an original idea, or the solution to everything, take a drink. (When all you have is a hammer...)

3. Whenever Jimmy shouts commands to Gigantor, take a drink.

4. Whenever Gigantor flexes needlessly, take a drink. (Assume activation doesn't count.)

5. Whenever Gigantor and the enemy robot of the day face off using flexing and/or activation sound effects, take another drink.

6. Whenever someone says "our country" when they obviously mean Japan, take a drink.

7. Whenever Bob Brilliant spontaneously gains expertise in a field other than engineering or robotics, take a drink.

8. Whenever the regular cast is surprised at the idea of the giant animals/monsters turning out to be robots, take a drink.

9. Whenever the military proves to be completely ineffective against robots, take a drink. (You'd think they'd dump the entire national budget into anti-robot weaponry since this happens, what, like every week?)

10. Whenever Jimmy Sparks gives all the credit to the mindless hulk, despite his mad skillz with the remote control, take a drink.

11. Whenever Jimmy kills someone with Gigantor or by his own hands, take a drink. (How much blood is on that kid's hands?... Is he really a kid? He has a gun, a car, and everything. You won't see any parachutes edited in after the destruction of an enemy jet fighter.)

12. When Jimmy torments the villains at the end with Gigantor, take a drink. (He's supposed to be the hero?)

...Maybe you should just grab a whole keg for each episode.


Clark Bartram said...

I'll take Voltron(the lions not the spaceships) over Gigantor any day. I actually noticed Gigantor on the schedule and was wondering what it was. Actually I'll take Tom Goes to the Mayor and Morel Orel over giant robots in general.

Ranson said...

Someone actually watched "Tom Goes to the Mayor"?

Now that's a supernatural event worth investigating.