Friday, July 14, 2006

Quote of the Time Being #3

Sorry, Reverend, but Blake Stacey posted an entertaining thought I'm surprised never occurred to me over on Good Math, Bad Math:
OK, say the cosmological parameters of the Universe were "fine-tuned". Then, the argument goes, there had to be a Fine Tuner. But the Fine Tuner does not --- indeed, cannot --- live within the Universe we know. Ergo, intelligence can exist in a realm which is not at all like our Universe. Yet the whole argument was based on the idea that all the peculiarities of our Universe are essential for intelligent life! All fall down.
Of course, in order for a Fine Tuner to exist in the exact manner he does, he must have been fined tuned by a Fine Fine Tuner Tuner. I know he can tune a piano, but can he tune a fish, like they claim?


Anonymous said...

But the Fine Tuner used a miracle!

Double stamp lock, no take-backs.

Anonymous said...

Man, this quote caught my eye the instant I saw it in there. To me, it is now 100% the best counter-argument ever. Snappy and unanswerable without being forced to get into "Well, uh, 'cause!"

So good...

Btw, good job with everything, Bronzedog. I found my way here from GM/BM's blogroll, and you're a daily attraction now. ^_^

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Damn. Fame is such a fleeting .... ah fuck it.

It really is a good one.