Sunday, July 30, 2006

Comment Policy Update

Since I got a bit more than the third-banana job I originally expected when I signed onto the Ramblings, I'm going to try to elaborate a bit more than Ryan did a while back. These policies only apply to comments on my posts.

Though I'm flexible, these are likely to get you deleted right away:

1. Commercial spam.

2. Comments consisting of nothing but foul language, unless I'm in the mood to once again point out the stereotypical nature of these comments: So far, they're the norm among people who disagree.

3. Beyond the ones that are already up: Posts by Fore Sam / John Best that don't contain links or direct references to relevant documents and studies. I doubt he'll make an exception, because he's into doing us the service of interpreting studies for us... or at least passing on some other guy's interpretations of studies. Personally, I prefer to do my own interpretation when a study comes from a woo. For those of you unfamiliar with Fore Sam, you won't be missing much: The only thing that separates him from the stereotypical altie scaremonger is that he gets personal with me.

4. Completely irrelevant and off-topic posts. See #3, above. My motivations are always irrelevant and off-topic, unless otherwise noted. Exception: If you have a proof that my motivation alters the laws of nature, please tell me about it.

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