Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sit! Stay! Good Blog. #2

As you may have noticed, I've been feeling a compulsion to read the blogs of commentors (it's only fair, since they read mine and leave good comments. I like comments), and Infophile is the most recent read of mine.

Since he's a newcomer with some cogent thoughts, I'll help him out by sending some traffic his way. His blog is Infophilia. I wonder if he's going to post some pictures of books seductively shedding their jackets. Until then, a dark closet will have to do. Oh, and while you're there, watch your grammar!

Sit! Stay! Good blog.


Infophile said...

Thanks for the plug, man!

And yes, sometimes the "philia" suffix does go that way... but when it does, one suffering from the condition is a "philiac" in modern usage. A "phile" is simply one obsessed with it. (There's no actual distinction in the original latin, however.)

Despite all that, if I had the artistic skills, I'd probably go right out and make that graphic.

Dikkii said...

You realise that every man and his dog (sorry!) will be posting comments, now.

Michael Bains said...

Ha HAAA! Nice, dikkii. lol

I'll check out the Infophile.