Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm As Mad As [Heck]...

...and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Overall, I've been kind of lukewarm towards the current gaming atmosphere. For the next generation of systems, I see a lot of potential, though, like this guy, I'm worried they aren't going to use it. I've been finding myself gravitating towards portables lately, since they more often fit within the style of the olden days, when content separated your 1 (or 32) megabit RPG from the other guy's 1 (or 32) megabit RPG.

It's been a while since I've played an old style RPG. Kept myself sated for a while with the Mario & Luigi games, but I think I need something that harkens back to the days of Final Fantasy 4-6, Chrono Trigger, that sort of thing. Adventure games along the lines of Zelda, Enix's various old games, puzzle dungeons, yadda-yadda.

Wish they'd make versions I could play online with multiple people. And I mean that in a way that doesn't involve simply hanging around with people who happen to be hacking at the same collection of monsters to get up to level 99.

(Via The Brummell)


TheBrummell said...

Why, thank you, BD. Somebody I haven't met in meatspace apparently actually read my blog. A day to remember!

Big C said...

Bronze Dog,

Good news for you (if you haven't already heard): a port of Final Fantasy VI is coming to the GBA, and a complete remake of Final Fantasy III (never before released in the US) is coming to the DS, both this fall. As an old-school RPGer myself, I'm looking forward to both. Love the Doggerel posts, by the way. Keep 'em coming!

Bronze Dog said...

Thanks for the heads up, Big C.

I've already played FF6 plenty of times, though I suppose nothing's wrong with another run. It's been a while. Hope they added some features.

Looking forward to FF3j: Tried some emulation (since it wasn't released here, Square wouldn't be getting my money, anyway), but all the translations I tried turned to gibberish somewhere around this town full of mini'd people.

I've been thinking of trying out that Lunar series, but I don't know where to start. Once had a college roommate who was out to collect every version of every Lunar release.

Infophile said...

There still are a few bastions for the old-school RPG lover; primarily the Dragon Quest series. And with the recent phenomenal success of DQVIII, we can at least trust that that series will stick around for a while.

Big C said...

I'm no Lunar expert, but I did play the Lunar Silver Star Story Complete version that came out on PS1. It was a pretty standard RPG, but there were a lot of anime cut scenes throughout the game that told the story, and the English translation (done by Working Designs) was high quality. I've never played the sequel, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, but I've heard it's good.

FF6 is one of the few 50+ hour RPGs I'm willing to play more than once. The cast of characters was very memorable for me. And Kefka? Best. Villian. EVAR!

Bronze Dog said...

I liked Kefka.

"You sound like chapters from a self-help book!"

I loved that line.

Wish the local Gamestop didn't dump their PS1 games. Need to see if I can find a local place that deals in ancient gamery. I don't like sifting through eBay.