Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dain Bramage

Bumped into a commentary of Orac's on this Darth Misha character earlier, but I didn't go as deep as PZ did. He bumped into this one juicy gem of anti-wisdom:
If any two species chosen at random share a common ancestor, would that not imply that every living creature today was ultimately derived from one singular "Mother-Beast"? Just what did this creature look like (I imagine a bulbous sphere, fourteen stories in diameter, with various heads sticking out all over: cow, porcupine, squid, human, etc. Most are confused; none are happy.)
I wonder if this guy learned about evolution by playing Jade Cocoon backwards. Maybe not. Even in that game, the critters had something resembling HOX genes.

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Anonymous said...

No, but he did learn about how cavemen lived by watching reruns of the Flintstones.